The NextGen Product Development division of a large telecom client's Corporate Marketing Office (CMO) is responsible for developing new products, both software and hardware, and providing business requirements and architecture guidance to systems and software development groups with a particular focus on esthetic design concepts, user experience and acceptance results. The large telecom client's CMO engaged Radiant to provide various technical services focused on providing product design, requirement and business analyst support services to develop new products and enhance existing products.


Radiant was involved in coordinating and managing creation of advanced concepts, systems analysis support for requirements generation and design specification, and configuration management support. Some of the activities supported by Radiant include:

  • Design support
  • Integration support
  • Planning lifecycle support
  • Architecture support
  • Delivery support


Radiant managed release baselines and worked closely with the integration and test teams, as well as the operations teams, to assure installation and deployment of baselines. Radiant was also responsible for providing the hardware and various software components for this project as part of integrated consulting services to the customer.

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