How We Do It

We develop and deploy innovative infrastructure processes that continuously improve and increase the effectiveness of IT operations, while reducing costs. Radiant is experienced with traditional data center technologies and approaches, but we also work on cutting-edge technologies in the fields of Next Generation Data Centers and Cloud Computing. Our consultants use a proven framework of innovative tools, technologies and methodologies in the field of IT Infrastructure.

Our Infrastructure Management Value Drivers

Cloud Services

In an effort to achieve cost savings, reliability, and agility, companies are looking to execute a cloud strategy for IT modernization. Assessing, planning, migrating, and managing systems without disruption to the business can be a herculean initiative. Radiant helps clients gather a full understanding of their current state, and then develops a comprehensive blueprint for how to architect and migrate applications and systems to the cloud platform that best meets their needs.

We help determine if a cloud strategy is truly warranted, and if so, the best method to minimize disruption. We help establish a cloud framework that enables optimal delivery of applications and operations with continuity across cloud instances and with legacy systems.

Traditional Data Center Consulting

Companies are always looking for greater efficiency, reliability, and agility with their current systems. Radiant works with clients to modernize their current IT infrastructure by enhancing and optimizing processes and procedures, evaluating and upgrading tools, and creating a framework for optimal operations. Whether implementing a disaster recovery plan or implementing a DevOps model, Radiant helps create maximum value for our clients’ current assets.


In an effort to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and increase speed of delivery, Radiant helps clients adopt and institutionalize emerging practices such as DevOps. Radiant effectively combines Agile methodologies with DevOps tooling, and CI/CD infrastructures to develop robust, scalable software systems in complex and demanding customer environments. We have expertise in demonstrating how DevOps helps ‘business owners’ and development, test and operations teams collaborate in an effort to reduce the application development life cycle.


Companies continuously strive to bring better quality applications to their ecosystem faster. Whether running API-driven, cloud-based applications, or a service-oriented architecture, Radiant brings the experience to accelerate application development and testing while improving quality and reducing costs through virtualization strategies.


Passwords are not secure; they are costly to your organization and cause customer frustration. What if you could remove the need for passwords while increasing the security and ease at which customers access your services? Radiant, through strategic partnerships, protects the world’s most precious assets ensuring people are who they say they are and no one else can.

A Holistic approach to Infrastructure Management

Our approach focuses on alignment and optimization of all key elements of infrastructure in an enterprise to drive business value. With core business services reliant on IT, our approach is solution-centered with clients retaining control of their infrastructure assets. Radiant has extensive experience planning, managing and executing Infrastructure Management projects with the appropriate level of rigor and control, using proven methods and expertise to ensure the business can continue uninterrupted.

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