Agile Application Development


Radiant delivers robust software systems in complex, demanding and collaborative environments. We deploy and manage custom applications across web, cloud, desktop, mobile and tablet interfaces. We are current with established methods as well as emerging practices, such as Agile, DevOps, Test Automation, and Behavior Driven Development.

We understand that organizations have diverse and unique application needs. Radiant has designed, developed, installed and continues to maintain millions of lines of code for our customers supporting numerous mission critical application in both the federal and commercial sectors. Our solutions span multi-tiered architectures, web services, mobile solutions, legacy integration, middleware enabled solutions, web portals, cloud solution integration, and more.

Enterprise Applications

Effective strategy and architecture aligns the IT approach with business priorities, laying a strong technological base. Smart planning allows you to streamline your IT services, utilize new technologies quickly, secure your IT systems, reduce overall cost and respond efficiently to regulatory change. Our capabilities include demonstrated experience building enterprise applications that incorporate and provide desirable features -- open, standards-based frameworks, component re-use, performance that provides quick responses, user-friendly rich user-interfaces and scalable applications with decision support functionality.

Mobile Solutions

Our enterprise solutions can be delivered across all platforms and devices. Our objective is to meet business goals in the most effective way possible. Radiant has vast experience delivering social and mobile solutions.

Maintenance and Operations

Radiant can provide support for all of your systems across the project lifecycle. Once systems are operational, we provide Tier 1 through Tier 3 support on your systems. This includes legacy systems integration, reverse engineering of undocumented systems, and incremental technology refresh to deploy maintenance enhancements with a planned release roadmap.

Information Management


Organizations of all sizes seek ways to improve business processes that are fueled by information. Yet in today’s challenging business environment, businesses struggle with how to best manage and protect their critical information assets.

Radiant's Information Management practice provides clients with advisory and implementation services related to business information management challenges across the enterprise to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance business operations.

Our solutions go beyond just organizing and storing content for you. We provide strategic guidance as to how best use your data to achieve your business objectives. Radiant can provide support for enterprise content and document management, records management, workflow management, master data management, information protection and many other information management services. We have experience delivering the latest solutions for social content management, mobile content management, big data management and cloud content management

Infrastructure Management


Radiant has supported IT infrastructure management at many federal and commercial organizations including HHS/NIH, Verizon, Web.com, and Apptix among others. We have a proven track record in modernizing and implementing large information technology environments using industry standard processes, methodologies, tools and technologies.

Our consultants can provide consistent management of essential operations for systems, networks and storage. We streamline processes and enhance the flow of information across diverse systems. We strive to implement more efficent infrastructure processes and deploy innovative ideas to continuously improve IT operations.


We can help manage storage through your own data center, a hosted solution or on the cloud. Our consultants work with you to understand your needs and systems requirements and then recommend the best solution.


Our team configures servers according to client’s design specifications including antivirus utilities, monitoring, and application setup.


Radiant will work to understand your infrastructure requirements. We then work to consolidate your systems leading to better performance and most importantly, a true cost advantage.

Learning & Development


We create and implement programs that maximize organizational strengths, close gaps, enhance productivity, and manage change. Radiant couples innovative approaches and technologies with traditional learning and development to help our clients grow employee expertise and nurture talent.

Drawing on our experience developing solutions using mobile applications, augmented/virtual reality, simulations, social media, and gamification; we help our clients create meaningful and measurable change within their organizations.

Human performance improvement

Radiant helps support growth and manage change by taking a holistic approach to knowledge transfer and performance improvement. We work with clients to analyze the knowledge, capacity, and motivational factors that affect employees and to develop programs that achieve successful results.

Radiant helps identify performance gaps, as well as their underlying causes, in order to recommend interventions that will make the best use of resources.

change management

A policies or processes shift, implementing a new technology, or updating a new system is only part of the puzzle. Effective change management is just as crucial as the change itself. We work with client to design the correct blend of internal/external communications, training program, and support tools needed to successfully manage organizational change.

Instructional Design and Development

Learning initiatives can be supported through off the shelf products, but, often, tailored content will produce better results. Our instructional designers, application developers, and creative design professionals help define needs, develop and implement effective solutions; and then continuously evaluate assets to help ensure optimal results.

Deployment and Support

Tracking the impact of learning content on the organization can be complex, and making it relevant, available, and useful is the biggest challenge of all. Our experience in system deployment and administration supports clients through custom application development, LMS/LRS/LCMS vendor selection, system integration, change management and ongoing administration.


We create compelling audiovisual media to tell our clients’ most important stories.


We help the biggest brands tell stories to educate and inform through creative motion graphics for use on the web, in trade shows, for internal communication and external marketing. In addition to traditional production modalities, we develop AR/VR and 3D/4D solutions.

Enterprise UX


Radiant employs an iterative, data-driven approach in designing solutions that achieve the highest standards of functionality and ease-of-use. We provide creative consulting, design, media production, and software development services and interactive multi-media content for the Enterprise Applications, as well as for the Web and mobile devices.

Our Process

Radiant has been creating and enhancing UX for Enterprise Applications for over 10 years. Our methodology, Continuous Adaptive Planning and Design (CAPD), emphasizes the delivery of continuous work product, and incorporates continuous feedback.

Continuous Adaptive Planning and Design is an Agile approach that harness all stakeholder perspectives, embrace change and reduce risk.

Our UX team employs this iterative, data-driven approach in designing solutions that achieve the highest standards of functionality and ease-of-use, which includes the following benefits:

  • Early and continuous delivery
  • Welcome changing requirements
  • Build projects around motivated individuals
  • Demonstrable work is primary measure of progress
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design
  • Often reflect on how to become more effective and adjust behavior accordingly

Our design team is passionate about applying the leading edge of user-centered design technology to develop compelling experiences for our customers. We help translate business objectives into solutions; one informed by user feedback for continuous improvement.

Digital Health

Our interventions influence critical behaviors to improve health outcomes.


Radiant helps our partners design and develop Digital Health tools that enhance patient engagement and outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Digital Health tools can prevent or reduce health risk behavior, decreasing the societal cost of healthcare.

We offer the following service to our Digital Health partners

Discovery & Strategy - Formative Research • Intervention Mapping • Technology Strategy
Design & Development - Application Architecture & Design • User Experience Design • Development • Maintenance
Evaluation - Research Study Support • Data Management • User Support

Players in the healthcare industry were relatively successful at—and benefited from—the first and second waves of IT adoption.

But they struggled to successfully manage the myriad stakeholders, regulations, and privacy concerns required to build a fully integrated healthcare IT system. This is partly because the first and second wave of IT adoption focused more on processes and less on patient needs.

Traditional Healthcare System



Provider Driven

Treatment Oriented

Fee for Service

MU Technical Criteria

Emerging Healthcare System

Continuous/Real Time


Patient Driven

Outcome Oriented

Value Based

Value of Technology in Improving Care

Services and Solutions


Radiant maintains a Services and Solutions practice which provides a mechanism for our staff to stay current on the latest tools and technologies, through which we develop demonstrations and prototypes of interest for our customers. Current focus areas are Big Data Analytics, Agile Transformation (DevOps, Continuous Integration Microservices), Cloud Migration and Frameworks, and VR/AR based L&D.

Strategic Staffing


Working with the right team every day builds momentum and ensures the best delivery. However, businesses often need to scale quickly to solve new problems and meet deadlines. Finding the right technical resources to complete key projects is integral to success.

Finding the best candidate

Our objective is to find the right IT professionals that meets our customers’ business needs. As experts in the IT industry, we fully understand the qualification requirements for a broad range of positions. Our screening processes ensure that candidates have the necessary skill set for the role and that they are a good fit for the organization.

Streamline your hiring

Developing and posting job requirements, multiple phone and in-person interviews, and weeding through ill-qualified candidates takes time that most just don’t have. Instead, our clients have us do the leg work for them. Our flexible approach allows us to handle any aspect of the recruiting and screening process, and we will only submit qualified candidates. We are committed to saving our customers time and money, giving them the ability to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Scalable staffing solutions for VMS

With today’s vendor management systems(VMS), a Managed Services Program (MSP) relies on its suppliers to help fill positions. Having a strong staffing partner who is dedicated to the MSP, as well as the customer, is key to being successful. We are able to harness our scalable recruiting model and shift our recruiters to accomodate for various client contingent workforce spikes. We have offshore teams that are managed by onshore leads to help ensure top quality candidates. We rank 13 out of 139 vendors in one of the largest wireless providers VMS.

Radiant Staffing Benefits

Cost Control
With access to a very large pool of highly-trained consultants, Radiant provides resources that meet business objectives. We work directly with your team to identify fast, flexible solutions while containing recruiting, on-boarding, and training costs.

Our recruitment process ensures we identify, vet and transition resources quickly and seamlessly. We conduct comprehensive business and background checks on all consultants.

Technical Expertise
Our team of consultants offers expertise across multiple technology domains, allowing on-demand scalability. Thorough analysis of technical and soft skill-sets assures our consultants function as strategic team members.

Flexible Contracts
Radiant supports multiple staffing arrangements including temporary, contract-to-hire and direct hire. This allows clients to determine the staffing model that best meets their business goals.

Our Hiring Process

Staffing Process
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