Reporting Solution

Radiant delivered numerous reporting solutions across the globe, including Fortune 500 clients. One of our clients in financial services must audit the various clients’ financial statements, analyze the reports, and assess the risk. The process involves numerous manual steps, aggregating the data from multiple disjointed and discrete systems in various formats, including spreadsheets and flat files.

Our Solution

Radiant built the custom reporting solution with the following five critical foundational components:

  • Security & Regulatory Compliance: Highly confidential data must be stored and managed securely.
  • Efficiency / Productivity: The solution should focus on simplicity allowing the BVI workforce to be more efficient and productive.
  • Data Entry / Collection: Transactional & Historical Data must be aggregated from multiple sources and various formats.
  • Workflows & API Based Open systems: Should enable multiple levels of decisions & allow to interact with legacy & lateral systems.
  • Flexible Reporting and scalable solution: The solution should be dynamic and allow flexible reporting in addition to the canned reports. In the future, it can access multiple systems.




Radiant has built a flexible and straightforward solution that has the following primary layers:

  • The data layer enables the data ingestion from various sources, catalog the data and search the required data elements by different users. The solution initially started aggregating the data from 4 primary sources and expanded to dozen-plus resources from other divisions.
  • Reporting / Visualization layer to enable canned reports as well as user-configurable reports.
  • Security & Compliance layer to comply with SOC2 and other national standards.


  • The solution allowed 100+ users to access canned reports and build custom reports to their needs.
  • The majority of the manual steps were removed in the reporting process.