We use Agile processes to sustain a competitive edge for our customers. 

Digital transformation is about sustaining a competitive edge in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive business environment. Adept application transformation can increase innovation speed, allowing your organization to deliver new products and experiences more rapidly.

Skilled application transformation is critical, whether you are modernizing legacy applications, adopting cloud platforms, or integrating existing applications and data. Radiant will help you execute Application Transformation solutions to speed up innovation cycles, reduce cost, and maintain a competitive edge.

 Services and Solutions

  • Full Lifecycle Development 
  • Enterprise UX 
  • COTS Package Implementation 
  • Platform/Product Upgrade 
  • Portals & Content Management 
  • Advisory Agile & DevOpsSec 
  • Systems of Insight
  • Security 

Modernize infrastructure 

Radiant will work with you to create a precision infrastructure that is simple to deploy and manage, secure, a cloud-enabled foundation that automates processes, increases agility, and reduces operational costs.

Creating a data-driven enterprise

Maximize efficiency and customer experience by consolidating all customer data into a single omnichannel. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), you will anticipate customer needs and improve the quality of service.

Operational Support 

Radiant will support every step of your IT transformation journey, from cloud-migration to the upkeep of intelligent infrastructures.