Radiant has implemented a production process to dramatically decrease the cost of creating 3D models while increasing the speed at which they are delivered.

With the convergence of emerging technologies, the ubiquity of hardware devices, and the significant cost reduction to develop, deploy, and manage extended reality (XR) solutions, Radiant has created a very efficient product lifecycle framework for XR …starting with the fundamentals…the models.

Traditionally, content development for XR solutions was costly. Companies ‘dabbled’ with AR/VR often because the technology was at the pinnacle of the ‘hyperloop,’ and businesses felt like they had to implement something or be left behind. This is no longer the case.

‘Exploded’ views for use in
maintenance training

Content is the most important aspect of any XR program in the enterprise. Whether used for maintenance, operations, commerce, simulation, training, or other, the content often begins with the 3D model. That’s why our Center for Excellence (COE) focused on creating a framework for the efficient development of XR solutions starting with 3D modeling. Our process helps reduce costs and increase the speed of delivery.

Immediate benefits

XR can create significant business value across many industries. The key is to determine the true value for implementing these new technologies at the enterprise level. Historically, virtual reality was merely ‘shiny keys’ (distraction) except for the entertainment and gaming industries. Now, many industries, from oil and gas to utilities, manufacturing, and telecom, are beginning to appreciate the true value that augmented reality offers.

Radiant helps clients clearly understand the true value drivers for augmented and virtual reality and helps build a business case for their development and ongoing management. We assess and recommend XR hardware and software based on your current technology stack and other business requirements. Together, we can design a roadmap for how these emerging technologies fit into existing environments and calculate the total cost of ownership. We help prioritize based on the biggest business value, then develop project plans, and begin executing.

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