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Radiant's Odyssey

Radiant Digital: from Enterprise Architecture to Digital Transformation and Beyond

The journey begins

Twenty years ago, Radiant Digital started as IT Solutions, a technology and consulting company working with large organizations to solve their technology problems. The company went through its first transformation when it joined SCI Group, a leading expert in enterprise architecture and became SCI IT Solutions.

In 2011, SCI IT Solutions expanded its consulting expertise to the domains of oil and gas, and organizational change and development.

Radiant Digital Solutions was created.

Radiant Digital became a leading expert in helping large organizations and companies solve their digital transformation problems, more specifically Radiant created solutions on automation of workflows and processes of data software. Radiant Digital is expanding its strategy solutions to knowledge management, digital communication, government and educational services and the entertainment industry.

Today, Radiant is a global company that spans four countries and is working around the clock to meet their client’s needs.

Without speed bumps

We help our clients navigate the complexity of digital transformation with quick, easy and affordable digital solutions. Our experienced research team will provide a proven solution to your problems.

Our leadership team