A major oil and gas services company was looking to market a new oil field tool at the Offshore Technology Conference. The Azimuthal Lithodensity (ALD) tool is over17 feet long and weighed thousands of pounds. To showcase the actual tool at the conference would be a challenging and expensive task.

Having worked with the client for over ten years, they knew where to turn. Radiant crafted an Augmented Reality (AR) solution, developed and deployed it within 4 weeks for use at the conference.


Radiant quickly understood the goals and the unique challenges such as low or no internet connectivity in the exhibit hall, spatial constraints of the booth size, need for accurately projecting the ALD features such as size/scale, shortened development timeframe, and more.

We developed an AR app for use on iPads that was capable of working offline. The camera used a visual marker to launch the application’s content. Users could view the virtual ALD tool via a detailed 3D interactive model, gauge the scale, access vital documentation such as technical specs, manuals, and product presentation materials, including video files.

The UI was intuitive, and the functionality was simple enough for customers to interact with the AR app by themselves, or a sales professional was able to walk them through it. The application provided a mechanism to input customer names and contact information, stored in a file on the local drive until it could be uploaded later when there was a connection. The sales staff used the information as ‘warm’ lead data.


With an understanding of the challenges and drawing upon our highly skilled technical consultants, Radiant conceived and planned the solution. Considering the project variables, we delivered an augmented reality app that supported our client’s business development efforts within four weeks.

The application was very successful in engaging potential clients and gathering contact information for lead progression. Further, it helped showcase our client’s newly launched tool and generate awareness within the industry.


  • Vuforia Engine
  • Unity 3D
  • Blender 3D